Why is Sex Important?

Sex is an inevitable thing that happens to all human beings and it’s a natural process in our lives. Sex is the most intimate act between two people who love each other because when we have sex with someone we share something special which no one else can understand or feel. It gives us pleasure, satisfaction, and happiness but at times it also brings pain and sorrow too. In some cases it might even cause death. All these things are happening due to lack of knowledge about how sex works and what its purpose really is. If you want to know more about this then read on.

When we talk about importance of sex we must remember the fact that sexual intercourse is not just a physical act between two bodies. There are many factors involved in having great sex like emotions, feelings, mental state, etc., therefore if any person does not get satisfied emotionally after having sex he/she should consider talking to his doctor as there may be health problems occurring inside him/her body.

If you think sex is only meant for procreation purposes then you’re wrong. Sex was created by God solely for enjoyment of both men and women. Many religions believe that God has given humans certain amount of free will so they could enjoy their sexuality and reproduce. That doesn’t mean that every single man/woman out here got permission from God to have sex. Some do while others don’t. The ones who didn’t were forced into celibacy (sexual abstinence) by religion. And those who did had fun doing it secretly. But now days you’ll find many religious organizations trying hard to change their beliefs regarding sex and encourage everyone to stay sexually abstinent until marriage. However, if your religion believes in celibacy than please leave my country immediately as I’m sure you cannot handle such kind of environment. You would end up killing yourself sooner or later.

It’s been proved through various researches conducted worldwide that majority of men and women prefer sex before getting married rather than after. Studies show that couples who engage in premarital sex experience less marital conflict than monogamous couples. This means that sex improves relationship quality among married individuals. So why is sex important for married couple? Because once you marry it becomes very difficult to fulfill your desires unless you take help from extra-marital affairs partner or porn movies. Pornography is mostly made for entertainment and money making purposes since pornography industry contributes millions of dollars annually to economy of United States alone. Pornographic films are available everywhere including grocery stores, video rental shops, hotels, fast food outlets, gas stations, supermarkets, bookstores, bars, nightclubs, etc. People watch them in privacy of their own homes either using computers or smartphones. They can access pornographic content easily through Internet. Nowadays, internet provides almost everything to anyone who wants it. Therefore, today people rely heavily upon technology instead of real world relationships to satisfy their needs. Technology makes it easier for people to cheat on their spouses. Since people use technology to satisfy their needs instead of going outside for fulfillment of their needs; hence cheating become common nowadays. Cheating husbands and wives are nothing new. History itself tells stories of kings and queens engaging in extramarital relations. Even Jesus Christ himself engaged in extramarital affair with Mary Magdalene. For example, if wife asks husband to go shopping in evening and comes back home only to see her spouse sitting in front of computer watching porn videos then she feels cheated. She starts blaming herself for being unfaithful to her beloved husband and begins feeling depressed. On the other hand, if husband asks his wife to come along with him and buy groceries together then returns home only to hear “hi honey, where’ve you been?” then he gets excited and thinks how lucky he is to live in this era. He wishes he wasn’t married and start looking forward to next week when he’ll again get chance to spend time with his wife. These examples clearly tell us that cheating husbands and wives exist in reality and technology plays major role in causing cheating behavior. Hence, technology is responsible for breaking down family values and creating generation gap between parents and children. Children look towards technology as source of entertainment whereas parents blame television, mobile phones, social media sites, etc., for ruining families’ harmony.

Since technology helps people to avoid face-to-face interaction thus leading to isolation especially in urban areas, loneliness affects teenagers badly. Teenagers need friends to play games online, chat, exchange messages, etc. Most young adults join cyber cafes and hangout in coffee shops to meet people over cups of hot drinks. Social networking websites like Facebook provide platform for youngsters to connect with peers. Today teenagers spend hours browsing net searching for information related to latest fashion trends and celebrity gossip news. Such activities distract teens from attending school regularly and lead them to distraction. Consequently, teen suicide statistics have increased drastically across USA and Canada during last few years. Youngsters often try to escape daily stressors and responsibilities by committing self harm or hanging themselves. Suicide rate amongst youth has doubled over past decade. According to recent research studies, 90% suicides happen within first 15 minutes of meeting somebody. When teens meet strangers online via dating website they tend to disclose personal details like address, phone number, birthday, age, height, weight, occupation, education, etc. thereby increasing chances of becoming victims of scams, identity theft, harassment, stalking, etc.

Therefore, sex remains important because it satisfies basic biological urges of survival like hunger, thirst, lust, desire of procreation, etc. We depend upon sex to maintain healthy reproductive system to continue existence of species. Sex keeps our minds away from stressful thoughts and allows us to relax completely. Thus sex reduces risk factor associated with heart diseases and cancer. Apart from above mentioned reasons, sex has many other significant effects on human health and well being. One interesting effect discovered recently is that good old fashioned foreplay actually prevents aging of skin cells. Foreplay stimulates blood circulation around genitals and increases production of nitric oxide in our bloodstream. Nitric oxide is known to reduce damage caused by UV rays emitted from sun and keep cell membranes flexible enough to prevent wrinkles and fine lines formation on skin surface. Another fascinating discovery shows that sex causes release of happy hormones called oxytocin and serotonin in female brain. Oxytocin and Serotonin are said to enhance bonding between mother and child. Moreover, sex boosts immunity against colds and flu viruses. A study published in Journal of Immunology showed that women infected with HIV virus produce fewer antibodies after mating compared to non mated females. Mates produced higher level of antibody response following infection compared to unmated females. Researchers concluded that sperm antigens released during copulation boost immune responses. Antibodies generated against sperm antigens protect woman from contracting genital herpes simplex 1 (HSV1), HSV2, chlamydia trachomatis, Neisseria gonorrhoeae, Trichomonas vaginalis, Mycoplasma genitalium, etc., infections. Therefore, sex is essential for maintaining overall health of individual.

In conclusion, sex is a necessity for living a healthy life full of energy and vitality. It enhances productivity and creativity, builds strong bonds and emotional connection between partners, and protects people from deadly illnesses.