Meet The Sexperts


Rachel obtained her masters degree in Social Work from Yeshiva University. She is currently in school studying for her PhD in Human Sexuality at Widener University’s Center for Human Sexuality Studies. 

She currently works at NYU Langone Medical Center and is a therapist at the Long Island Institute of Sex therapy.

Rachel’s goal is for sex to be a topic discussed across a variety of fields. If people are comfortable with the subject, then they will ask questions and be safer.  This website is a platform to educate those interested in learning more about sexuality, but additionally, a way to teach those who are more uncomfortable with the topic. 

“Exploring one’s sexuality means developing a better understanding of oneself. This is vital whether you are in a relationship or single.  The topic of sex should be embraced not avoided. Sexuality impacts our thoughts, feelings and body no matter our gender, race, or sexual orientation”


​Formally trained in human sexuality, Lisa’s passion for the field is rooted in her belief that all human beings should understand what healthy sex is, regardless of culture, body or ability. Her particular areas of expertise are: the intersection of media and sexuality, modern romance, the effects of body image on sexuality, sexuality for people of all abilities, social media’s effect on sexuality and contemporary dating websites.

As part of her work she has guest taught human sexuality at several universities across the east coast.

Lisa obtained her Masters of Education in Human Sexuality at Widener University’s Center for Human Sexuality Studies. She is continuing her studies at the University as a doctoral candidate. 

“We are born sexual and I encourage you to embrace your desires no matter what your age. Sex is NOT a sin. Sex is NOT naughty. Sex is NOT a dirty word. Unfortunately, society has created a taboo associated with sexuality. Sex has been revolutionized by the media. My work confronts impractical messages and encourages sex positivity” 


Kayla is passionate about educating others, specifically generation Y, about the importance of embracing sexuality. Kayla strongly believes in the importance of being able to talk about sex openly, maturely and honestly in a University setting. 

Kayla is spending the Summer of 2016 as a research assistant intern for the company Sexpertise. She is expected to obtain her Bachelors of Science degree at Indiana University in May 2017 with a focus on Law and Public Policy pertaining to abnormal psychology and human sexuality. 

“Sexuality is something that should never be put on the back burner. Being in touch with ones sexual desires and needs is necessary for living a healthy, secure and fulfilling life. My goal as a sexpert is to educate others of my generation of about the importance of sexual awareness and acceptance. I want to remove any negative stigmas associated with exploring sexuality, as well as teach others my age how to expand their horizons in a safe way.”

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