12 Facts About a Cum Which You Did Not Know

To make the child, we need a spermatozoon and an ovum, but not just an ovum in itself. Some, it seems, forget about it. It is more than 60% of all difficulties with fertilization and 85% of difficulties of incubation are connected with men’s spermatozoa.

What is usually done by men when hear it? Hide the head in sand and tell something it seems ®с my boys everything is all right, I know exact. Keeping health and quality of the cum, men show a bad example. But give we will not mourn about it. Let’s more better sort the interesting facts about a cum which reveal its features. Only include sense of humor before reading further.

Fact 1: the cum helps to prevent a depression at women

Researches showed that women who often have sex are less inclined to a depression. Their mood more equal, the immune system stronger, and in general they feel more happily. According to a research of the State university of New York, the cum increases development of oxytocin, prostaglandin and serotonin in the woman’s organism (read also: How often it is necessary to have sex?).

Fact 2: the taste of a cum can be changed

If, despite antidepressive properties, the taste of a seed of your vis-a-vis causes in your melancholy, it does not matter. The structure of a cum very strongly depends on a food allowance. If your man smokes, loves strong drinks, meat and fried-salty, be not surprised that the taste of its semen leaves much to be desired. The similar diet does biological liquid awfully bitter. Do you want to correct a situation? You feed your man with sweet fruit, vegetables, yogurts and remind to drink more water (read also: How to improve taste of a cum: we give the effective recipe).

Fact 3: each spermatozoid is unique

90% of spermatozoa are deformed: at someone two tails, at others huge heads, the turned-off tails – it is possible to continue the list infinitely. This price of a monogamy. At those types which fertilization can happen a cum more than one male, one spermatozoon it is more similar to another.

Fact 4: men’s abstention does not improve quality of sperm

Regular ejaculation improves quality of a cum as a result of semen movement, proves research. Also, regular ejaculation well affects work of a prostate.

Fact 5: spermatozoids do not live several days

After an ejaculation the most part from 300−500 million spermatozoa which got into a female body die within an hour. Actually only 5−10 single spermatozoa survive on a travel to fallopian pipes where a half more of them will die. Spermatozoa perish under the influence of acids or the immune system of the woman; they die in pipes; they die or are lost in a uterus and so on. In a fertilization race only the strongest survive. Spermatozoa could live several days, even whole five, but chances that it happens, are extremely small.

Fact 6: you can prepare food from sperm

Yes, there are recipe-books with recipes which contain semen. Here, for example, harvest – a collection of recipes on a basis sperm where she is described so: It contains not only nutrition, but also has great texture and surprising properties for cooking. As good noble drinks and cheeses, taste of a cum is difficult and dynamic.

Fact 7: the cum is useful to your skin

The cum consists of a large amount of protein and a small amount of a spermine. Spermine contains minerals, such as zinc, vitamin C, prostaglandins, collagen, vitamins, amino acids and many other nutrients, useful to health of your skin. The Norwegian company Bioforskning even produced face cream on the basis of a spermine. If to trust creators, Spermine cream is 30 times more effective, than vitamin E, and slows down process of aging for 20%. Nevertheless the most natural face cream will cost you enormous $250. Perhaps, it is necessary to wait for more budgetary version. In original the version of a spermine contains too little that it rendered some miracle effect on skin.

Traditional beauty-means after all are more effective

Skin looks younger when on it there are no excess pigmentary spots

Fact 8: the first spermatozoid under a microscope

Antoni Kimpler became the person who made out spermatozoa in a microscope. One day 1677 in the Dutch city of Delft he made love to the wife. But at the next moment after an orgasm jumped out of a bed and grabbed a microscope. After all, he had not just like that a good time with the wife. He made an important scientific experiment by request of the London royal society. It seems that for some men since then changed little. Just some are in the same way carried away to watch football now.

Fact 9: cum wear hats too

On their heads there is a cup-shaped structure called acrosome. It is a membrane bubble. It contains chemical compounds which dissolve the surface of an ovum that the spermatozoon could get inside.

Fact 10: about the perpetual motion machine

If we, girls, are born with the limited number of ova, then generation of spermatozoa at men is not interrupted till the end. However, they should not be under a delusion. After 35 years the spermatozoa gradually become same sluggish as their owner.

Fact 11: infernal competition

Do you know how many tadpoles fight every time for attention of the one and only ovum? Even 200 million pieces!

Fact 12: trifle

The adult man allocates only 2-6 ml of semen for time. That is about a half of a teaspoon. Not densely!